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Walk Arounds:

Aircraft Walk Arounds:

The Irish Rocket 205 - Reims (Cessna) FR.172H
Kilenny 2005 by Patrick J. Cummins

Vehicle Walk Arounds:

Ireland Millitary Vehicles Show 2012

Collins Barracks Dublin Ireland 2012-2013

Viking Splash Tours Dublin Ireland (DUKW) 2012


Show and Event Photos:

Cork IPMS Show 2010 - Photos By Ken McFarlane

Reference Materials:
IAC Magister Profiles & Descriptions
IAC Seafire Profiles & Descriptions
IAC Spitfire Profiles & Descriptions

Aircraft of The Irish Air Service, Irish Army Air Corps
and Irish Air Corps, 1922-2007

by Patrick J. Cummins
Download Versions: MS Word (.doc) | Adobe (.pdf) (Right Click Download)

The Irish Lysanders - Westland Lysander II (1939-1947)
by Patrick J. Cummins
The Irish Rockets - Reims (Cessna) FR.172H & FR.172K
by Patrick J. Cummins
Hints & Tips, Tools & Resources:

Decal Application By Fise - IAC colour schemes and paint matches
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